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PVC Membranes

Μεμβράνες PVC

Flexible synthetic membranes in plasticized vinyl chloride (PVC-P) indicated for the tunnels’ waterproofing and underground structures. They differentiate according to the technical specifications of each project and also according to their thickness.

Bentonite Membranes

Μπεντονιτική Μεμβράνη

Bentonite membranes offer an effective waterproofing system for underground structures. They are composed by two high strength geotextiles and 4.88kg/m² of sodium bentonite. Hence, they are offering active and passive waterproofing.



Non woven geotextiles produced with fibers by virgin polypropylene, recycled polypropylene, virgin polyester, recycled polyester and mixed. According to the project’s specification the appropriate type is offered. They are indicated for separation, filtration and protection of the PVC membrane.


Μπεντονιτικό Κορδόνι

Produced by natural sodium bentonite and butyl. Active bentonite stops water infiltration through concrete construction joints by expanding when it gets in touch with water. It is offered with the necessary accessories.